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FISHBUOY Pro for Android is the latest innovation in fishing app technology, providing novice and expert fishermen the tools they need to learn from their catches and plan for successful fishing trips. 

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What's unique about FISHBUOY Pro is it's ability to seamlessly display key information that fishermen use to make decisions about when and where to fish.  Within a single, easy-to-use interface design, users get direct access to real-time and historical information from water-gauges, marine buoys and weather stations from across North America.  Such information is readily used by expert and professional fishermen to time their trips when conditions are optimal for fishing.  Now, weekend warriors and casual fishermen will have the tools the pro's use to catch more fish!

Lakes/River - Weather - Marine - Great Lakes

  • Water Levels
  • Water Discharge
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Turbidity
  • Doppler Radar
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind (S/D)1
  • Air Temperature
  • Lake Currents
  • Surface Water Temps
  • Marine Wind Barbs
  • Wave Heights 


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Among the most innovative features of FISHBUOY Pro is it's ability to automatically capture and tag fishing conditions for the specific time and location of when and where the photo was taken.  User's simply enter four pieces of information including fish species, water body name, fish size and primary bait color.  After saving the photo, FISHBUOY Pro automatically adds the water and weather conditions including water level, flow rate, turbidity*, water temperature*, atmospheric pressure, precipitation amount, wind direction/speed, air temperature and moon phase, directly to the photo.  This offers fishermen the ability to recall historical fish catches from their photogallery and reference past conditions to current or prediction conditions.  No more guessing about what the conditions on the last trip, you have the information in the palm of your hand.

Auto-Tagged Photo Information

  • Water Levels
  • Water Discharge
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Turbidity
  • Personal Notes
  • Precipitation
  • Wind Conditions
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Moon Phase
  • Map Location 
  • Fish Species
  • Watebody/Location
  • Fish Size
  • Bait Color
  • Google Directions

Also unique to FISHBUOY Pro is it's ability to log high-fish catch records.  Using the apps camera function, users can quickly take a photo of their catch and within seconds aut

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To fishermen, information is gold and gold is something earned.  Many fishermen keep their spots private or only share information with close friends and family.  FISHBUOY Pro addresses this concern in multiple ways.   First, when taking a photo, users have the option to make the photo private, or share it with the rest of the FISHBUOY Community.  Privately tagged photos are only viewable to the user, while publicly posted photos are available to anyone with the App. This provides the user an option to help other fishermen or support fishing lodges in promoting their businesses.

Another option is to create private fishing groups where members upload fish photos to a common group.  Group owners can invite members and restrict sharing of information.  Private fishing groups are a fantastic way to help buddies learn about your fishing trips.  This is more than a photo gallery, this also includes all the data tagged to the photo originally.  Charter captains working together with other boats can share fishing hotspots and related information.  River fishermen can share hotspots that contain key information about water data and bait color.  The more photos you add to your groups, the more information you have to learn from.


FISHBUOY Pro fundamentally takes a science-based approach, providing relevant and timely information to help fishermen plan for success on the water.  To bring the "fun-factor" into the equation, FISHBUOY Pro also provides users the ability to post their catches, directly from within the app, to industry-standard social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube among others.  With FISHBUOY Pro, you have the best of both world's - a science-based app with the ability to share to whomever you wish - or nobody at all!


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FISHBUOY Pro Introduction Video
FISHBUOY Pro - Introductory Video

FISHBUOY Pro - How Anglers Use the App for Rivers
FISHBUOY Pro - Flyer for River Anglers

FISHBUOY Pro - How Anglers Use the App for Lakes

FISHBUOY Pro - Flyer for Lake Anglers


    In a single app, fishermen have full control over how they capture, access or share their fish catches.


    Convenient access and display of real-time water gauges, marine buoys, weather maps and fish catch data.


    The ultimate fishing app designed to help fishermen learn, plan and catch more fish.

 fishing app fish record  fishing app fish record waypoint  fishing app fish record notes

More than just a photo.

Real-time water, weather and fish catch data is automatically tagged to each photo.  Now plan your next fishing trip with all the data you need to be successful.

Available sm  Water Levels
Available sm  Water Discharge
Available sm  Water Temperature
Available sm  Water Turbidity
Available sm  Personal Notes

Available sm  Precipitation
Available sm  Wind Conditions
Available sm  Atmospheric Pressure
Available sm  Moon Phase
Available sm  Map Location


Available sm  Fish Species
Available sm  Watebody/Location
Available sm  Fish Size
Available sm  Bait Color
Available sm  Google Directions


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  • TIP #1: IMPORT PAST FISH PHOTOS. FISHBUOY offers the ability to quickly import your past fish photos.  This is a great option if you are not planning a fishing trip anytime soon, but have a number of fish photos on your mobile device.  Check out the video!

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Know before you go.

Access real-time weather maps, marine buoys and water gauges within in a single app.  Now compare conditions to your historical fish records and compare conditions.  Plan right. 

Available sm  Doppler Radar1
Available sm  Cloud Cover1
Available sm  Wind (S/D)1
Available sm  Air Temperature1

Available sm  Lake Currents1,2
Available sm  Surface Water Temps1,2
Available sm  Marine Wind Barbs1,2
Available sm  Wave Heights1,2


1 - Currently available with Android only.  2 - Great Lakes only

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  • TIP #2: CREATE PRIVATE GROUPS. One of the most requested features from fishermen was the ability to create private groups.  FISHBUOY's Private Group feature allows members to share their fish records with group members and learn from each others success on the water.  Learn more.

fishing app fishbuoy private groups fishing app fishbuoy group lists fishing app fishbuoy group photo management

Share with your buddies.

Create fishing groups and share your fishing catch information with family, close friends or new fishermen who need you help.

Available sm  Quickly Create Groups
Available sm  Easily Add Members
Available sm  Share Photos Privately
Available sm  Learn From Buddies


Available sm  Restricted Photo Share
Available sm  Restricted Invites
Available sm  Member Profile Picture
Available sm  Organize Trips into Groups


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  • TIP #3: SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE. While FISHBUOY Pro is primarily designed to help fishermen learn when and where to fish, we do recognize the importance of sharing your catches via social media.  That's why we've developed an easy-to-use and fully integrated social media share function.  Now, share using the best in-class social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Learn more.

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