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FISHBUOY Mobile helps you capture real-time water, weather, location and fish data into a single photo.



Pre-Photo Location

Before you take your photo, the preview panel helps to ensure your mobile device GPS has recognized your current location and provides a visual cue of your geographic location.

Private Photo Lock

FISHBUOY Mobile provides you with the ability to keep all your fish records private.  You do not need to share photos to see the value of FISHBUOY.  By default, the "private" photo option is selected.

Public Photo Share

When taking a photo, you have the option to share it with the FISHBUOY community by swiping to the "public" option.  You may at anytime in the future change this to private.

Fishing Condition Capture

Want to simply take a photo as a visual cue of general environmental conditions?  Have the leaves turned color and fallen off the trees?  Is the water murky or clear?  Are spawn beds present? Have lily pads or weed beds formed? All these non-fish photos act as great clues for timing your next trip.  Simply swipe from 'Fish' to 'Environment' when taking your photo.



Geographic Location

Each time you take a photo with FISHBUOY Mobile, you add to your portfolio of fish catches.  With a few simple clicks you can pull up your fish catch locations, date and time, water conditions, weather conditions, species of fish, and much more!


How many times have you been out with your fishing friends, anxiously planning your next trip together?  Inevitably, you begin to refer to your past fishing trips and 9 times out of 10, you argue about the location, conditions and of course, size and quantity of fish.   As a map-centric application, FISHBUOY Mobile helps you to quickly access those historical fish catches and provides measurable information - no more need for guessing.

Trend Building

Your catches are plotted on a map helping you to conduct indepth analysis of your fishing success - using spatial and temporal techniques.  A big advantage with FISHBUOY Mobile is that you can combine public photos posted by others, with your photos, to get a statistically sense of where the best locations are to fish.

Getting Back to Your Spot

While on the water or hiking across lands, FISHBUOY Mobile offers real-time tracking of your current location relative to your fishing spots.  Like a navigation system, FISHBUOY Mobile will help you get to your fishing hole.




Water Levels

Understanding water levels helps fishermen to determine where and when too fish.  High water levels may mean unfishable conditions.  Low water levels may require you to go to deeper areas.  Until you start capturing this information when you fish, you will never know.

Water Discharge (Streamflow)

Water discharge or "streamflow" is an excellent measurement for fishermen to gauge the velocity of water moving in a reservoir, river or stream.  Fly fishermen and steelheaders fishing rivers and streams, and bass fanatics fishing reservoirs have learned that changes in flow directly influence where fish hold and feed.  Pay attention, capture data and hone in on places matching current conditions.

Water Temperature*

Water temperatures can literally make or break your fishing trip.  All fish species have their preferred water temperatures for feeding, spawning and resting.  Rapid changes in water temperature can completely shut down fish activity, or spur on a feeding frenzy!  Use FISHBUOY to capture temperature data so you can plan your next trip for success.*

Water Turbidity*

Water clarity is an important factor when fishing.  Most freshwater fish are visual feeders and require clear water to identify and select their bait.  Fishing clear water requires a completely different setup and color selection compared to fishing murky waters that require noisy, scented baits.  FISHBUOY Mobile helps you determine a historical pattern related to water turbidity, location and bait color selection.




Cloud Cover

Fish do not have eyelids and therefore are naturally sensitive to light conditions.  In clear water, fish use cover such as logs, rocks, undercut banks, docks, and cloud cover to ambush their prey.  Hence, it is common to have longer periods of fish activity on cloudy days.  As you capture data in FISHBUOY Mobile, you will start to build your own trends related to best bait colors and cloud cover.

Air Temperature

Air temperature has a direct impact on fish activity particularly in shallow water areas that tend to heat up first.  As temperatures rise, there is a direct correlation with the amount of oxygen that water can hold resulting in less activity for fish, such as brook trout, that require much cooler water and higher oxygen levels.  Capturing temperature data will provide you with more information to make decisions on what species of fish you might target, not to mention help you plan what you wear on the water.


Capturing precipitation amounts and types with each photo is a great way to learn the response of water bodies to rain and snow.  Larger volumes or rain may create unfishable conditions on some rivers or waterbodies, while others may have little impact.  The next time you plan to hit the water, take a quick look at your historical fish catches and see if there is any impact from precipitation.

Wind Direction/Magnitude

Wind direction and speed (magnitude) are extremely important environmental conditions.  Wind influences wave height on lakes as well influences the build-up and location of subsurface nutrients along shorelines that often attract bait fish and predatory fish.  Understanding wind conditions will help you to determine your trolling patterns, trolling speed, lure types and where on the lake you should focus on.  Capture every fish you catch on FISHBUOY Mobile to build your trends and patterns.

Atmospheric Pressure

It is a well know fact that changes in pressure directly impact fish feeding activity.  Capturing atmospheric pressure, at the moment and location of your fish catch, will help you catalog which pressure are good and which are bad.  This allows you to prepare your mental game for a slow or hot day on the water.

Moon Phase

Moon phase is a hot topic of discussion and is often under-estimated and over-generalized.  Moon phase does NOT affect each fish species equally.  Some species use the moon to feed at night resulting in poor daytime fishing conditions. Other species do not have nocturnal feeding habits, therefore offering little care for moon light conditions.  Fishermen each have their own opinions - now they have the tool that automatically log moon phase allowing hardcore anglers to determine their own trends.




A Visual Way Point

Every photo you take with FISHBUOY Mobile becomes a visual waypoint of your fish catches.  Select an individual photo, find out the environmental conditions you encounter when you caught that fish.

Digital Fish Log

FISHBUOY Mobile is an essential tool that will help you capture and organize your fish catches digitally.  Each photo is a "FISH" "BUOY" - a digital log of your fish catch with statistical and environmental data attached.  This helps you to learn and plan for your next trip using physical information you already captured.

Fish/Landscape Gallery

Sometimes, you just want to take a photo of a sunset or other non-fish photos.  Switch to landscape view with simple swipe of the switch and take photos while you help rehabilitate a trout stream, participate at a fishing tournament, etc.

Private Groups

Create private groups to share fishing spots with your closed circle of fishing friends.  Create groups to help you organize your fishing history into locations or species.  Whatever you decide, it is easy to add or remove people!



It's important to know where you are fishing.  It's even more important to understand the physical water conditions that influence fish activity.  FISHBUOY monitors thousands of water bodies across North America in real-time. Data such as water temperature, water clarity (turbidity), water levels, water discharge, etc.) can be visualized via FISHBUOY TripPlanner.  FISHBUOY Mobile automatically captures water data, weather data, geopgraphic position and stores the data with each photo for future reference.



Taking a photo and plotting it on a map can be an extremely powerful tool for identifying where you have caught fish in the past. Even more powerful is the ability to filter photos based on time and location. FISHBUOY Mobile Timeline Photo Filter (TPF) allows you to view all private and public photos on a map, and filter them by month, week and day.  This feature provides deep insight into where fish are being caught throughout the year and by location.  This can be conducted on your own private photos, photos shared by group members, and photos shared publicly.


Depending on which camp you sit in, you either want to keep your photos private - or - you want to share your success with others.  Everyone has their preference and FISHBUOY offers solutions for both.



Private Photos

When you take a photo, you have the option to keep your fish catch information private and only share it with people you want. Simply slide the photo setting to "Private" and store it in your own private photo gallery. If you change your mind, you can switch to public anytime in the future!

Public Photos

Want to help out your fellow fishermen? Share your fish catch for bragging rights? FISHBUOY offers you the ability to share your photos publicly. Simply slide the photo setting to "Public" and post your fish catch to the world. If you change your mind, you can switch back to "Private".


You have a close group of fishing buddies and only share details about your day with them.  Normally, you send them a photo of your catch and they always ask about water conditions and what color worked best.  Sound familiar? NOW, you have the ability to share all this information and more with a single photo.   Share with buds, don't hold back!

Weather Information

Cloud Cover | Temperature | Precipitation | Wind Direction | Wind Magnitude | Atmospheric Pressure | Moon Phase

Water Information

Water Level | Water Discharge (Velocity Indicator) | Water Temperature* | Water Turbidity

Map Information

Geographic Location |Time | Trends Building | Data Validation

* - Data dependent on monitoring station data availability and varies from state to state, province to province. Talk with your local water agencies to expand the network!



Looking for a specific species of fish? FISHBUOY TripPlanner offers a database of many popular freshwater sports fish.  Working with fisheries agency across North America, FISHBUOY is compiling one of the most complete freshwater sports fishing inventories across North America.  Once you have identified your target species, FISHBUOY will help you find where they live and when to fish for them using biologic indicators such as pre- and post-spawning periods. Our database is comprised of millions of known fish population found in freshwater lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, and creeks, both resident or stocked, across North America.

TROUT: Steelhead | Rainbow | Trout, Brook (Speckled) Trout | Brown Trout | Lake Trout | more coming...
SALMON: Atlantic Salmon | Chinook Salmon | Coho Salmon | Sockeye Salmon | Chum Salmon | Pink Salmon | Kohanee Salmon
ESOCIDAE: Muskellunge | Northern Pike | Walleye | Sauger
BASS: Smallmouth Bass | Largemouth Bass | Striped Bass | White Bass
PANFISH: Crappie | Yellow Perch | Bluegill | Pumpkinseed | Rock Bass | White Perch
OTHER: Lake Whitefish | Channel Catfish | Common Carp | Yellow Sucker | White Sturgeon | Longnose Gar | Bowfin



As you build your portfolio of fish catches, you want to capture the history of your best bait colors.  Sure, there are literally thousands of colors and color combinations of lures and bait types. The bottomline is, each time to take a picture in the field, it is important to understand what triggered that hit. The majority of species are visual feeders and color becomes a significant factor.  FISHBUOY allows you to enter the dominant bait color used and tags it to the photo for future reference.  Now you know what works, based on your style and fish targets.



You catch a fish - the very next thing you do is look at how big it is.  Everyone has different ideas about weight when they don't have a scale with them, and that's okay.  FISHBUOY offers the ability for you to tag your approximate fish weight to each photo, with a simple selection so you can release your catch for another day. 

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