FISHBUOYTM Mobile helps you capture more than a fish photo. You also get real-time information about the physical conditions that influenced your fishing success.  The moment you take a photo, you collect vital information that will help in your future planning.

  • Water Level

  • Water Discharge (flow)

  • Water Temperature

  • Water Turbidity

  • Cloud Cover

  • Precipitation Type

  • Precipitation Amount

  • Wind Direction and Magnitude

  • Atmospheric Pressure

  • Moon Phase

  • Fish Species

  • Waterbody Name

  • Fish Weight

  • Major Bait Color


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FISHBUOYTM TripPlanner offers you a single-source environment that integrates historical and real-time water and weather, with your fish photos.  Here is why you should care...

  • If the water is too turbid (dirty) you may as well stay home,

  • If the water is moderately turbid, pack your bright colors,

  • If the water is too clear, pack natural colors - and your fluoro carbon leader,

  • If water temps are too warm, or too cold, certain fish will not be active, and

  • If there is a drastic change in pressure, bring live bait.

When you start paying more attention to water and weather conditions, you will catch more fish!

Catch Fish with FISHBUOY


FISHBUOYTM helps you understand how fish think. Stop hoping to catch fish and start planning to catch fish using fundamental approaches the Pro's use everyday. 

You will learn:

  • Where to fish based on personal and/or public fish catch trends,

  • When to go fishing for specific species of fish based on conditions,

  • Which water conditions spur on fish spawning migration behaviour,

  • Which colors work best in turbid or clear water conditions,

  • How weather (pressure, wind, rain) impact fishing,

  • Which species actually care about moon phase, etc.

Most importantly, you will gain the knowledge and skills to plan for the conditions and adapt your tactics.

The most innovative fishing app and software platform to help you with your fishing reports.

Get with the program, use FISHBUOY to show you the way!

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