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FISHBUOY Mobile and FISHBUOY TripPlanner use the same account credentials.  If you registered your account via our website at, you may use the same account credentials for FISHBUOY App.  If you first downloaded FISHBUOY Mobile from the Apple App Store, and you created your account via FISHBUOY Mobile, you may also use the same credentials to access your FISHBUOY TripPlanner.  However, you will be prompted for additional information.

FISHBUOY TripPlanner displays numerous data types for fishermen in one viewing area.  In order to improve the user experience, we have optimized viewing for screens larger than 24".  However, for those using screens smaller than 24", you can simply use the ZOOM OUT function.  For PC users, select "Ctrl" and " - " from your keyboard unitl the viewing area is to your liking.  For MAC users, hit "control" and " - " from your keyboard.

FISHBUOY is accessible across North America however is dependent on the number of states and provinces your register for.  FISHBUOY Sportsman includes 1 state or 1 province however you may add more to your subscription by selecting the add-on options.  FISHBUOY Sportsman Pro subsciptions include 2 provinces or 2 states.  Again, you may extend your subscription to other states and provinces via the add-on options.

Each subscription includes access to FISHBUOY TripPlanner and FISHBUOY Mobile for a one year period.  Both software operate as companions to each other.  You can renew your subscription annually.

FISHBUOY TripPlanner is programmed to timeout after a few minutes.  When this occurs, you should refresh your screen by selecting F5 for PC's or Command + R for Mac Computers.  You may be promoted to log back in which is normal for the system as it re-establishes connection to the data in your account.

We have partnered with some of the top weather companies across North America, however not all locations or times can be captured. Due to the remote locations of where you may fish, we call for a calculated data set that fills in missing information through sophisticated modeling algorithms.  This is called "gap-filled data" and is highly dependent on the available network of weather stations in your area.  If you see missing information, it is likely due to a lack of data points that allow the gap-filled data to be calculated at that moment in time.  As a result, we see a missing value.  We will continue to look for solutions as FISHBUOY matures as a product.

As a rule of thumb, the United States Geologic Survey offers provisional data for water discharge, water levels, water turbidity and water temperature.  However, not all monitoring stations are equiped with temperature or turbidity probs.  In addition, Canada in general does not measure water temperature or turbidity.  However, there are some hints to better understanding water clarity.  HINT: For example, take a photo of your foot in water at approximately 1ft of depth.  Then 2ft of depth, then 3ft of depth.  As you take photos, FISHBUOY Mobile is recording water level and water discharge + a visual reference of the water clarity.  You can now refer to the water level and discharge as a personal gauge of water clarity when looking at your photo gallery.  While this approach is highly variable and many factors are not considered, it is a good way to correlated water level/discharge with water clarity in the absence of water turbidity monitoring.

FISHBUOY is a subscription-based solution that is dependent on some of your information.  In addition, as a service-based business, we require disclosure and acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before we can provide data access to our services.

FISHBUOY TripPlanner automatically logs users out of their account, after sitting idle for more than 60 minutes.  We do this for security and system performance reasons.  Simply log back in to regain access to your account.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to drop us a line - click here. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.