FISHBUOY™ Pro v2.3 Released!

We are excited to announce a major new feature called Weather Chart.  While FISHBUOY Pro already includes weather data through stations graphs, we've made it easier to access and use.  Found in the CONDITIONS tab, users can simply tap-and-hold any location (in North America) on the map to find historical, current and forecasted daily weather information.  Now, anglers can quickly switch between mapped, graphed or charted weather and marine data all in a single app.  What's even better, unlike many weather apps, Weather Chart includes five days of historical data so you can see past conditions and make better decisions when planning a fishing trip.

Download FISHBUOY Pro v2.3 today!  It's free, does not contain ads, and gives you access to critical data in a single app.

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Freshwater Fishing Questionnaire 2017 Results

Freshwater Fishing Questionnaire 2017 - Results

The Freshwater Fishing Questionnaire 2017 was developed by Curtis Draeger, President of the Sir John A. MacDonald Public High School Fishing Club, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  As part of his Entrepreneurial Course and interests in fishing, Curtis was conducting market research to determine if a custom lure company could be a viable business, amongst a highly competitve industry.  The scope of questions and ultimately the results would be used to present in a classroom setting the likelihood of this type of business to be successful - or not.

Curtis thanks all participants in this survey and he is pleased to share the results in the attached PDF file. 

NOTE: The PDF is free to download and distribute.  We just ask that you recognize Curtis Draeger as the owner and FISHBUOY as the sponsor.

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We are extremely excited to announce the official release of FISHBUOY Pro for Android.

After months of development, angler input and field testing, FISHBUOY Pro is ready for public use.  We've packed this fishing app with powerful features, developed within a fully-integrated platform. 


- Water gauges and marine buoys allow immediate access to real-time water conditions
- Weather maps including doppler radar, temps and winds
- Great Lakes marine maps including wind barbs, wave heights, surface water temps and currents.
- New advanced tools for estimating water turbidity to help anglers correlate clarity witih best lure and bait colors
- Big water, Great Lakes anglers can pick the best lure colors using the innovative lure color/depth tool
- Improved automatic fish weight estimator based on length/girth measurements
- Out-of-coverage?  No problem, FISHBUOY Pro has the ability to load photos once connected again!

FISHBUOY Pro for Android helps anglers learn, plan and catch more fish than ever before.

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Download the free version now.


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I'm extremely pleased to announce the beta release of FISHBUOY Pro for Android. This app is jammed with useful features such as tagging each photo with real-time water gauge data, direct access to marine and water stations, real-time weather maps, private/public fish maps, lure color - depth tools, automatic weight estimator to name just a few.

You can learn more by visiting…/fishing-app-fishbuoy-android-feat… or check out the FISHBUOY Page on facebook

We are currently looking for fishermen to test the app. See details attached.

You can download FISHBUOY Pro for Android at…

I hope you find this app as valuable as we do!


Martin Draeger

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