Water turbidity whether in a lake, reservoir, river or stream, directly impact how and where we fish.  Sometimes, water conditions are too murky and make it nearly impossible for fish to identify your bait in the water.  Many fishermen have experienced the challenges around timing fishing trips to the right water conditions.  Unfortunately, turbidity is not a frequently monitored water parameter and as a result, leaves fishermen guessing about how clear or how dirty their waters may be once getting to their spot.  Using technology such as FISHBUOY allows fishermen to collect turbidity data while in the field and start to build a catalog of conditions that also helps fishermen make an educated guess about how wind direction, magnitude and amount of precipitation may influence water turbidity.  Try these steps and start to learn your waters.

1) Open FISHBUOY App and take a photo of the water.  Make sure to get some perspective on depth by either wading in to a safe depth and taking a photo of our wading boot - or take a photo of your outboard motor in the water.  These will give you a sense of water turbidity based on what you see in the water.
2) FISHBUOY App automatically collects water and weather parameters and tags this information into each photo.  This includes water level, water discharge, wind direction and speed, and the precipitation amount and more.  In some case, even turbidity and water temperature is included but this is dependent on the available sensors on that water body.
3) Continue to take photos using the "Species" option to collect the relavent water and weather data.  Simply use dummy data for species, size and bait color as this information is not necessary when trying to determine how weather may impact water turbidity.

Over time, you will begin to see how the photos in your gallery are impacted by weather. 

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