A science-based app connecting you to information.

Fishing App - FISHBUOY for iOS

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  • A fishing app that acts like a scientific field sensor

  • Every photo is loaded with environmental and fish catch information

  • Create interactive maps of your fishing spots.

  • Navigate back to your spots or share locations with friends 2

  • Access real-time water gauge data and plan right 1

  • Learn the impact moon phase has on your fishing

  • Timeline Photo Filter helps you identify trends in fishing

  • Keep photos private or share via groups and social media

Fishing App - FISHBUOY for Android

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Want to plan your next trip from your desktop?

We've got you covered!  FISHBUOY Pro includes access to FISHBUOY TripPlanner, a web-based solution that combines your fishing history with numerous other features.  Looking for new places to fish?  Wondering about the weather forecast?  Trying to formulate a plan and need more info?   Login using your existing FISHBUOY login credentials.  Click here.

FISHBUOY TripPlanner

1 - Available when using FISHBUOY TripPlanner or FISHBUOY Pro for Android

2 - FISHBUOY is not intended to be used as a navigation app and is solely used to provide general location information.  Please use certified navigation charts to plan your routes and reduce potential hazardous situations.

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