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An innovative fishing app designed to help you better understand conditions and get back to your spots.



Geographic Location

Each time you take a photo with FISHBUOY Mobile, you add to your portfolio of fish catches.  With a few simple clicks you can pull up your fish catch locations, date and time, water conditions, weather conditions, species of fish, and much more!


How many times have you been out with your fishing friends, anxiously planning your next trip together?  Inevitably, you begin to refer to your past fishing trips and 9 times out of 10, you argue about the location, conditions and of course, size and quantity of fish.   As a map-centric application, FISHBUOY Mobile helps you to quickly access those historical fish catches and provides measurable information - no more need for guessing.

Trend Building

Your catches are plotted on a map helping you to conduct indepth analysis of your fishing success - using spatial and temporal techniques.  A big advantage with FISHBUOY Mobile is that you can combine public photos posted by others, with your photos, to get a statistically sense of where the best locations are to fish.

Getting Back to Your Spot

While on the water or hiking across lands, FISHBUOY Mobile offers real-time tracking of your current location relative to your fishing spots.  Like a navigation system, FISHBUOY Mobile will help you get to your fishing hole.

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