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Cloud Cover

Fish do not have eyelids and therefore are naturally sensitive to light conditions.  In clear water, fish use cover such as logs, rocks, undercut banks, docks, and cloud cover to ambush their prey.  Hence, it is common to have longer periods of fish activity on cloudy days.  As you capture data in FISHBUOY Mobile, you will start to build your own trends related to best bait colors and cloud cover.

Air Temperature

Air temperature has a direct impact on fish activity particularly in shallow water areas that tend to heat up first.  As temperatures rise, there is a direct correlation with the amount of oxygen that water can hold resulting in less activity for fish, such as brook trout, that require much cooler water and higher oxygen levels.  Capturing temperature data will provide you with more information to make decisions on what species of fish you might target, not to mention help you plan what you wear on the water.


Capturing precipitation amounts and types with each photo is a great way to learn the response of water bodies to rain and snow.  Larger volumes or rain may create unfishable conditions on some rivers or waterbodies, while others may have little impact.  The next time you plan to hit the water, take a quick look at your historical fish catches and see if there is any impact from precipitation.

Wind Direction/Magnitude

Wind direction and speed (magnitude) are extremely important environmental conditions.  Wind influences wave height on lakes as well influences the build-up and location of subsurface nutrients along shorelines that often attract bait fish and predatory fish.  Understanding wind conditions will help you to determine your trolling patterns, trolling speed, lure types and where on the lake you should focus on.  Capture every fish you catch on FISHBUOY Mobile to build your trends and patterns.

Atmospheric Pressure

It is a well know fact that changes in pressure directly impact fish feeding activity.  Capturing atmospheric pressure, at the moment and location of your fish catch, will help you catalog which pressure are good and which are bad.  This allows you to prepare your mental game for a slow or hot day on the water.

Moon Phase

Moon phase is a hot topic of discussion and is often under-estimated and over-generalized.  Moon phase does NOT affect each fish species equally.  Some species use the moon to feed at night resulting in poor daytime fishing conditions. Other species do not have nocturnal feeding habits, therefore offering little care for moon light conditions.  Fishermen each have their own opinions - now they have the tool that automatically log moon phase allowing hardcore anglers to determine their own trends.

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