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An innovative fishing app designed to help you better understand conditions and get back to your spots.




Fishing Lakes and Reservoirs

When fishing out of a boat, it is important to understand key areas that fish like to hang out in.  Some fish species prefer deep water, others shallow, and most species relate to humps when feeding.  Determining what the lake contours look like will help you find fish.  While many anglers have Fishfinders/GPS's onboard, they are unlikely to take them off their boats.  This makes the integration of Navionics with FISHBUOY ideal.  From the palm of your hands, you can more effectively plan your trips anywhere, anytime.

Ice Fishing

Most anglers that ice fish walk onto the ice with a general reference of where they want to fish.  With Navionics and FISHBUOY, ice anglers can now locate structures and literally navigate to their spots, by following the red arrow as they walk out.  Not only that, but when you take a photo of a fish, you will record the location, time and conditions so next year you can get back to your spots.  This is hugely powerful!

Navionics Standard and Sonar Modes

When we integrated Navionics, we wanted to ensure the most popular elements of the app were available through the FISHBUOY interface.  For high-resolution contour maps, we have added the famous Navionics Sonar option.  This gives a high-density level of lake contours and provides you with more accuracy when setting up.  For lakes less travelled, we have also included the standard Navionics maps.  Find structure, find fish.

Compare Catches to Contours

One of the most unique features of Navionics and FISHBUOY is the ability for anglers to record their fish catches and see how they related to lake contours.  Every photo you take provides you with more data that allows you to formulate patterns in your catch data. For example, on Lake X, you may find that fish are being caught at certain depth contours, at certain times of the day, under certain water and weather conditions.  This is the value of combining a leading lake contour app like Navionics, with an innovative fishing app like FISHBUOY.

How to get Navionics with FISHBUOY?

FISHBUOY integrates Navionics through an innovative application interface.  This means that while we have integrated Navionics into various areas of FISHBUOY, users must still obtain or possess a valid license of the Navionics Boating app.  Once you purchase the app, you can simply use the same login credentials to launch Navionics within FISHBUOY.  Go to Home/Preferences (top left menu)/Navionics Account and enter your username and password.  Navionics in integrated in the MAPS/DATA menu as well as when looking at individual and group photos.

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